Triskell cable socks

I’ve cast on for the swatchsock of theexperimental triskell cable socks, knit the toe and started thecabling, and the verdict so far is: the cable shows up fine. Troubleis, I’m not sure the yarn does: it’s gorgeous in the toe, but gets kindof lost in the cable. That might resolve itself as there’s more cable,and the yarn possibly gets more visible in the cable ribs, but in themeantime I am reminding myself that this is a swatch first, and a socksecond. If it doesn’t work as a swatch, I’m to frog it and go back tothe drawing board.

Maybe something else with larger areas of stocking stitch is what thisyarn needs, but I’m not knitting a plain sock, cos it’ll drive me mad.And I already have a simple pattern OTN, in the form of the clapotis,so if I’m to start making these socks, they have to be complex in someway. Maybe I’ll design a new cable pattern that’s designed to show offthe yarn a bit more…

I’m so glad I started this blog, btw. It’s great to have an archive ofwhat I’m working on, and an incentive to take photos and write aboutthe process. Should have done this ages ago!

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