Mmmm, yarn

Someone told me the other day that knitting doesn’t count as a vice.Needless to say, said someone has never had the joy of opening a parcelfrom Get Knitted containing approximately £70 worth of gorgeous, gorgeous yarn.

I’m not sure the colours are coming out quite right in thispicture (not helped by being photographed on my bright red sofa), butthen none of the colours are quite what I was expecting from the GetKnitted site either. Not that this matters – they’re all stillperfectly good colours :-)

I’ve just wound the first skein of Fyberspates’ Scrumptious into aball, and it’s the softest thing ever. I’m itching to go and getneedles to cast on for the clapotis immediately – it’s going to belovely.

The Lorna’s Laces is much more purpley-pink in real life, and lessbloody-muscle, but that’s probably for the best. The colour variationsare quite subdued for a variegated, which I like, although I’m stillnot sure which pattern I’ll use it on.

Finally, the Cascade Sassy Stripes isn’t the colour I originally chose(which they only had one skein of), and it’s a bit brighter thananticipated, but its intended recipient will probably still like it.And she assures me that “zig-zag stripes” (ie Jaywalker) will beacceptable ;-)

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