Beginning my second clapotis

I have no patience. Immediately afterwriting the last post, I went off in search of needles to cast on. Theneedles I’m using are 5.5mm Addis because (a) they’re new, and I wantedto use them, (b) they might make my clapotis a little larger anddrapier, but mostly (let’s be honest) (c) I was too impatient to spendany longer looking for my 5mm needles ;-) However, 44 rows in I’vemeasured my gauge, just out of curiosity, and it’s precisely on the 19stitches per 4 inches that the pattern calls for.

The Fyberspates knits up beautifully. It is a bit stripy, but not toomuch for my taste (I even think I’d like it in some non-clapotis form),and it’s interesting watching how the stripes are changing as the workgets wider. It’s very soft indeed, and has that slight sheen that silkhas. It’s supposed to be DK, but judging by the way it’s knitting up on5.5mm needles, I’d call it a bit more like aran.

It’s single ply, with only a light twist, so it’s quite splitty, butmostly I’m not finding it a problem (perhaps because I’m payingattention to it, in the interests of admiring its beauty). I’m noweager to get to the drop stitch rows, so I can admire them, too :-)

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