Baudelaire progress

I’ve just finished the heel on my firstBaudelaire. Well, actually I’ve just knit the first three rows of theleg, but I’d just finished the heel when I took the photos. Without afoot inside, it looks like a peculiar angular thing…

…But with a foot inside, it looks lovely :-)

I don’t know how visible it is in the photos, but on the fourth patternrepeat, I started knitting the yarnovers through the back instead ofthe front, and suddenly the holes appeared as they were supposed to.Frax tells me that her yarnovers make holes when she knits through thefront, so I suppose I’m making the yarnovers themselves wrong somehow,but I don’t suppose it matters.

The heel construction is really nice. On theright side it is, anyway. Nice smooth lines of increases and decreases,and short rows with no holes. Lovely.

On the left side, it’s a slightlydifferent story. The lines of increases and decreases are nothing likeas neat, although I’m not quite sure why, and the wraps are visible onthe short rows, although still no holes. None of this is enough to makeme want to frog, though!

I said I’d just started on the leg, but I didn’t say that those threerows include probably the hardest knitting I’ve ever done: cableincreases. Evil, evil things. Towards the end of the second set, Iresorted to slipping each stitch in turn onto a tapestry needle andknitting it off that because there simply wasn’t enough slack in theyarn to move the knitting needles anywhere. It was still tight on thetapestry needle, and my fingertips are still a bit sore from wrestlingthe damn things. Still, should all be smooth sailing from now on(fingers crossed).

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