Scratching the sock itch

That’s the cast on plus the first four rows of Baudelaireyou see to the left (Frax, you’ve turned me into a Cookie A fangirl;-). Yes, I’m still knitting the random lace jumper, but my tolerancefor such thin yarn on such thick needles is not high, and socks arecalling to me. I want to make Cressida, but I’d have to buy yarn forthat (oh no! the hardship!), and this purple Cherry Tree Hill is frommy stash.

The figure-eight cast on is cool and cunning, although I’m not sure I’dhave been able to maintain tension for much more than eight stitchesper needle. Talking of needles, this is my first sock with the Addis Ibought after my last sock-making experience turned into a nightmare oftrying several different types and techniques of needle, none of whichworked for me (metal dpns, bamboo dpns, two (inferior) circs, magicloop on same). The Addis are lovely. They’re short (40cm), so I’m notgetting as tangled as I sometimes do with long dangling needles, andthe join is incredibly smooth. Just a joy all round. (Although they aremore slippery than I’m used to, so I’ve accidentally slipped the needleout of the stitches a couple of times, but I expect I’ll get used tothat.)

Since I took that photo, while waiting for it to upload, and in betweenparagraphs of this post, I’ve knit a further six rows. This does notbode well for the (study) work I’m supposed to be doing today! Maybe ifI get the study out of the way early, I can spend the rest of the dayknitting…

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