Cable chart

Over on LJ, someone in brit_knitsasked for the chart of the cable panel on the jumper of doom. I’m notwilling to share the original, because it’s designed around a triskellshape, for me, but this is a modified version of it – nearly the same,just with a few crossings changed to remove the triskell (it surprisedme how easy it was to change – five minutes’ work!). The sketch is onlyrough – it’s got bits copy and pasted to cover other bits, and I ranout of time to tidy them up, so the edges don’t match – but it shouldgive you an idea of what the chart will look like knitted up. It’s acontinuous design – the sketch shows one-and-a-half repeats.

Row 0 and row 60 of the chart are the same; the only difference is thaton row 0 there’s no loop to close, so if you’re repeating the pattern,go straight from row 60 to row 1. Odd numbers are right-side rows if you’re knitting flat.

The chart symbols are the same as the girlfromauntie‘s(scroll down on that page for the legend); the only difference is thesymbols for opening the cable loop – she uses different ones on thatpage.

The bottom one is “make 2 (right side):k1, k1b into the same stitch; then pick up the vertical strand runningdownwards between these two stitches just made, twist and knit”, thetop one is “make 2 (wrong side): p1, k1, p1 into the same stitch”.

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