Yarn lust and progress

Frax, you’re a bad influence. I’m now lusting after Fleece Artist‘s merino sock yarn in burgundy, and several different Fyberspatesyarns, most notably the wool and silk “Scrumptious” DK, and the bluefaced sock yarn, both in “reds and plums”. And “blue lagoon” and”periwinkle”. And I know it’s evil to sell 50g skeins of sock yarn, but who could resist Shepherd Sock solids in “blackberry”? Or, for that matter, the Shepherd Sock multis in “Irving Park”, “Purple club” or “Valentine”? And, y’know, the Shepherd Sportwould make a fairly affordable clapotis, and the “Flames”, “Lakeview”and “Black Purl” colourways are rather beautiful. And several of the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock colours appeal, too.

But in more productive news, I’ve finished the second sleeve of therandom lace jumper (no photo because it looks just like the firstsleeve; you’ll just have to trust me) and have started on the yoke.It’s technically raglan, but the way the random lace works means I’mjust using one fewer yarnovers than decreases on each quarter of thebody, and holding it up to examine every now and then to see how theangle of decreases is going. I’m not too worried about it fittingperfectly – that’s part of the point of its very stretchy nature. 

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