Knitting while camping

Just back from a weekend of camping, swimming and knitting (report on the camping and swimming on my personal blog, and photos on Flickr), during which J and I both cast on for coriolis – she wanted to try a toe-up sock and had beautiful but very dark and rather subtle yarn, and I wanted some simple, portable camping knitting, so coriolis suited both of us. We spent a lot of time sitting at the tent or on the riverbank knitting, and both got to about halfway through the spiral increases. We’re planning to cast on the second ones together at the Reading Festival in a couple of weeks (even if we haven’t finished the first by then), so these should probably be called my “camping socks”, but the swimming trip was so much fun it’s taking precedence, and I’m calling them “swimming coriolis”.

(This is the variegated yarn I used in my push-me-pull-you socks, but it’s so much more beautiful on its own.)