Counting stitches

Because I’m a geek like that, and because I’m trying to work out how much more fibre I need to buy, I’ve just constructed a spreadsheet to work out how many stitches there are in Wisteria. Interesting facts:

  • There are 57,170 stitches in total, including my mods: 6 rows of short row shaping in the bust, and a 6-row turned hem in two ply (hem stitches counted as ⅔ of a stitch each, as opposed to the main three ply yarn) instead of the hem cables
  • I’ve knit 22,993 stitches so far (40%)
  • The proportions of total stitches used in the yoke, body, and sleeves are 26%, 38% and 37% respectively
  • I need to buy about another 250g of fibre to spin enough to finish (probably a bit less, since the fibre weight is generous, although I didn’t make a note of by how much, so I’m working on the advertised rather than the actual weight)

3 thoughts on “Counting stitches”

  1. This is the internet, I'm sure there must be an entire community of geek!knitters who like nothing better than obsessing over the intersection of knitting and mathematics. ;-)

  2. Knitting is rather too applied for my mathematical tastes, but I do keep meaning to investigate KnitML, which is exactly to my coding tastes ;-)

    However, I've just been invited to join a mathsgeek!knitters community on Ravelry (social networking for knitters). I think this is because of some of my recent activity on said site, rather than because you have a hotline to the sekrit geek knitting mistresses, but I can't be sure…

  3. I would certainly be concerned about the synchronicity of Bateleur's comment and your invite. There is no such thing as coincidence.

    I like knowing how many stitches are in things, too, particularly when they're not rectangular.

    (Really, though if it's the Wooly Thoughts Fan Club, it's probably because you put that one pattern of theirs on your favorites. They've got lots of neat patterns.)

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