Uncharacteristically speedy decision-making

Having knit and blogged* my swatch, and held it up against my face to see if the colour suits me, I’ve made my fastest decision ever: this fibre will be Wisteria, in its beautiful undyed state.

I’ve even bought the pattern (and, cough, Sylvi too, ahem). I’ve been meaning to buy something from Twist for ages, if only because I heartily approve of them, so feel as if I ought to support them by actually giving them money. It’s not that I don’t like free patterns – Knitty is fabulous, and I don’t think Twist could exist without Knitty paving the way for it – but designers should be able to be paid a decent amount for their work, and it makes me very happy that the knitting community can produce and support a magazine like Twist. Especially after my less-than-happy experience with Vogue.

So, Wisteria here I come! I think the mojo might be back :-)

*How can I know what I think until I say write it?