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Finished grey cable socks

Neither of these photos is very good, sadly, but the socks themselves are lovely :-)

The cable panel is much more visible in the flesh than in photos, the yarn is soft and fuzzy, and the colour is a bit more muted than it looks above.

And having finished knitting these, and now having nothing actively OTN, I need to quickly decide what I’m doing next, because I’m going on holiday tomorrow. Yay!

One finished sock!

First sock completed less than a week after beginning, which is probably a record for an adult sock :-) Second sock to be begun tomorrow, and I might make an attempt at writing up the pattern (although with adjustments, since I used Cat Bordhi’s ridgeline master pattern.

This was my first attempt at EZ’s sewn bind off, on Frax‘s recommendation, and it is just as stretchy as the underlying knitting. I’m a convert! And I really like the cable as an inset panel, rather than continuing onto the cuff, and the plain rolled edge instead of ribbing, which seems to suit the soft, slightly fuzzy yarn. Impatient now to start the second, but that will wait until tomorrow.


Grey handspun cable sock

I think the Cardigan of Doooom, for which I designed this pattern, put me off cables for a while. OK, I made Clessidra, but the bit that I stopped to admire wasn’t the cables, but the seed stitch. But at my knitting weekend with Frax and Kauket, I admired Frax’s Absinthe socks, but said that I preferred the cable section of the pattern to the lace. Frax laughed at me for being predictable, but it actually reminded me of my love of cables; I came home and immediately cast on this sock. Of course, all that talk of self-sufficiency and knitting from stash probably had something to do with it as well :-)


I’ve finally finished the knitting of the red cardigan, and will blog it as soon as I’ve sorted out the fastenings. In the meantime, I’ve started my next pair of socks!

This is a whirlpool toe using the fibre I blended specially for socks: 40% natural grey shetland, 25% dyed grey merino, 25% variegated-mauve mohair and 10% bright pink silk. If I’ve succeeded in combining the best of all of these, the socks will be warm, soft, tough, and a bit shimmery. The yarn’s a bit hard in the ball, but is knitting up to be beautifully soft, with a slight halo from the mohair.

The socks are going to be the ridgeline sockitecture from New Pathways, with the cable pattern from the doomed purple cardigan along the ridge. I seem to be developing a habit of designing complex cables for doomed large projects, and then repurposing them for socks ;-)

A weekend of socks

In between watching the Watchmen, eating sushi, shopping, hanging out with frineds and watching a lot of console gaming, I spent this weekend knitting these:

Tiny coriolises

I need to weigh a finished sock to see if there’s enough yarn left to make three complete pairs – it looks promising :-)