Presents for inlaws

Baby socks: quickest thing to knit ever. Started on Tuesday evening, finished this morning. And the Lorna’s Laces rainbow which looks so lovely in the skein and so horrible knitted up actually works in a garment this tiny. Especially on the heel flaps – it makes an actual rainbow! These are coriolis master pattern, not practice sock, because the practice socks are on stupidly-large needles, but using the master meant I had to guess/estimate/research baby foot sizes. I hope these err on the side of being slightly too large rather than slightly too small, but having no experience of baby feet I’m not sure.

Also afoot: plans to knit ChildHood, although probably without the hood, just because the pattern says the hood knits up large and benefits from being tried on, and there’s no way that’s practical. I think I’ll do this with red as the main colour and orange as the contrast. This is, of course, utterly unlike anything I’d knit for myself, but that’s the point of having small relatives, no? (She will be a niece, by the way; I’m knitting bright colours because I hate the tyranny of blue-for-boys-and-pink-for-girls, not because we don’t know.)

And I now have a picture of the yarn I’m spinning for my mother in law. That’s batch zero (the small one, before I started carding it, rather bumpy and uneven) and batch one, carded, mostly smooth and nice. It’s not actually as much fun to spin as I’d hoped, partly because it’s really dirty (much more than it looks) – my hands feel all grubby quite quickly, and unless I cover my clothes, so do they. But I’m scared to wash the fibre unspun in case I felt it, and because drying it after dying took ages and got in the way, so I don’t want to repeat the experience. So I’m steeling myself to spin it dirty, and I’ll wash it before plying.

The current plan for what I’ll knit this into is a garter stitch seafoam scarf or shawl, although I haven’t yet swatched to confirm I like the stitch, but I had such fun knitting Bellatrix (which is basically seafoam in stocking stitch), and it gives a nice open texture (also, more area for less yarn!) that it seems a good plan.

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