Spinning alpaca

No photos of this yet, but I’ve also been spinning the alpaca I bought in Hay and dyed a variegated pinky-lilacy-grey. I started off spinning it as-is, but this turned out to be a pain, so I’ve now started carding little bits at a time (so as to avoid mixing the colours too much) and spinning the carded fibre instead, which is much easier. It’s quite fine, and is going to be two-ply (it’ll probably be somewhere around fingering-sport weight) and is currently intended to be a Christmas gift for my MiL, who told my partner that she was expecting ‘something spectacular’ from us this year after he told her about my spinning and knitting. This isn’t actually a demand, so I don’t mind going along with it, and the alpaca is in any case too pastelly for me, but I think she’ll like it. Depending on how much yarn I produce, I’m probably thinking of a lace scarf or mini-shawl (there’s 200g of fibre), although I haven’t thought about patterns yet other than to decide I’m going to design it myself rather than follow someone else’s pattern – I rather like the idea of telling the MiL that I dyed, carded and spun the fibre then designed and knitted the garment, all by hand. I’m such a show off ;-)

(In other family gift news, it’s only just dawned on me that I should knit baby things for my BiL and his wife, who are planning to produce a neice or nephew for us in October. Note to self: research baby knits on Ravelry.)

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