What a nice package to come home to!

Package from Get Knitted

Research on Rav suggests that this yarn – Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in ‘jungle stripe’ – will make fairly broad actual stripes. I’m quite pleased that I remembered to check, since I’ve been disappointed with the way space-dyed yarn has knit up in the past, and stripes was definitely what I wanted. This will probably be Coriolis, with no further calculation required since I store master numbers for all my New Pathways socks in my clever calculatey spreadsheet, and can just look up what I did last time. Hoorah for Cat Bordhi!

The non-yarn in the package is extras for my Harmony interchangeable needles: two new cables (one short and one long), three new pairs of needles (two large and one small), and the cable connectors that I’ve been mourning the lack of; these needles can now do everything my Denises can!

3 thoughts on “What a nice package to come home to!”

  1. Oooh, nice! Wish I’d come home to a parcel like that – all I had was a card from ParcelFarce saying they’d taken something (hopefully my ball winder and swift!) to the local Post Office.Also, hurrah for new blog – I hope that commenting with my WordPress ID works, as the blogger one is for my food blog.

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