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Snippets of progress

The news in brief:

  • Went with Frax and Kauket to see Brenda Dayne knitting on the fourth plinth on Saturday, and then went to the pub with aforementioned plus a load of other knitters who had come for the same reason. F, K and I were by chance all knitting Coriolis, and we all made decent progress, and I made the acquaintance of an Oxford knitter who knows lots of the same people I do.
  • On the same trip, went to iKnit, and bought a Zauberball in shades of reds. Have made plans for a flame-patterned scarf.
  • Ella is finished and soaking, in preparation for my first ever excursion into blocking. It’s very three-dimensional at the moment, so I’m eagerly awaiting the lace-blocking miracle that’s reputed to happen.

Weekend of crafty goodness

I spent this weekend with Frax and J, dyeing lots and lots of yarn, knitting (and spinning for me), and watching a hefty chunk of Battlestar Galactica.

This is what I came home with:

The proceeds of my dyeing (and spinning) weekend

That’s overdyed yak yarn (previously salmon pink, cream and grey) at the front, a whole load of previously-undyed Cumbrian wool yarn at the middle and the back (it’s semi-solid rather than solid, but more consistent in colour in real life than it looks in the photo), and some handspun undyed grey wool in the middle-back (this is going to be Wisteria). It feels as if I suddenly have lots of new yarn, and I’ve even started knitting the violet wool:

Beginning Ella

There’s a lot more of it now than when I took the photo, but this is Ella from Knitty, and it’s working out rather nicely :-)

Getting back on the horse

I’m just back from a lovely week with some roleplayers, during which Frax and I compared notes on our lost mojo. She recovered hers during the week, and mine is now slowly resurfacing, I think. I don’t want to scare it.

In the couple of months since I last wrote here, I have done some knitting, including most of a cardigan, but it’s not gone well, and I’m not sure if the yarn (soft handspun singles) will stand up to frogging and re-knitting (not least because there has been quite a lot of frogging already), so at the moment I’m not thinking too much about that.

last pair of baby coriolis

While on holiday, I picked up the sixth and final baby jungle stripe coriolis, and forced myself to knit a few rows. Now, at home again, I’ve found that finishing it required less force than picking it up again did. And I’ve now wound my first skein of spinning oddments into a ball, and am starting to think about the shawl I’m going to knit it into…

ball of handspun oddments

What a nice package to come home to!

Package from Get Knitted

Research on Rav suggests that this yarn – Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in ‘jungle stripe’ – will make fairly broad actual stripes. I’m quite pleased that I remembered to check, since I’ve been disappointed with the way space-dyed yarn has knit up in the past, and stripes was definitely what I wanted. This will probably be Coriolis, with no further calculation required since I store master numbers for all my New Pathways socks in my clever calculatey spreadsheet, and can just look up what I did last time. Hoorah for Cat Bordhi!

The non-yarn in the package is extras for my Harmony interchangeable needles: two new cables (one short and one long), three new pairs of needles (two large and one small), and the cable connectors that I’ve been mourning the lack of; these needles can now do everything my Denises can!